O zmianie pokoleniowej w NGV

Radio New Gestalt Voices zaprasza do słuchania pierwszej z cyklu audycji dotyczącej zmiany pokoleniowej i różnic międzypokoleniowych, z jakimi mamy do czynienia w naszym gestaltowym środowisku.

Special Guest broadcast of NGV Radio, hosted by Kamila Bialy, Polandand supported by Thomas Ameel, Belgium
Show aires February 4th 8pm CET / 2pm EST
Tune in via the NGV Radio Player https://newgestaltvoices.org/ngv-radio/ or Facebook Live

Kamila Bialy: “Doing Humans of Gestalt interviews I have experienced the expression of generational differences. It started to become clear to me that I am part of this younger generation, with a shared historical life experience as well as a shared symbolic reference.As a sociologist it was revealed to me that my generation is living in an economically as well as ecologically precarious society and thus project-oriented as well as activism-oriented.And I could see another generation raised after WW2 in a long period of peace and prosperity – developing theory laid down by the founders.I understood this different ground determines the way our generation thinks of gestalt and wants to apply gestalt.”

In this NGV Radio series, Kamila Bialy will more carefully ponder these questions with guests from the different generations.

How can this knowledge on generational shifts inform our theory and practice? Can we meet intergenerationally? How? –
NGV Radio Series airing February 4th & 25th, 8-9.30pm CET / 2pm ESTTune in via the NGV Radio Player https://newgestaltvoices.org/ngv-radio/ or Facebook LiveFirst episode: February 4thThe first guests are representatives of the younger generation: Badr Hajjani from France and Federica Ronchi from Italy.In this first episode we will discuss specific ways of bringing gestalt outside of a therapy room to community work, schools, activism, everyman, etc..Why has it become relevant to my guests to get involved in this? Why may this move be essential for gestalt therapy per se nowadays?

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